The Taekwondo Council UK functions as a governing authority for Taekwondo in the UK, holding recognition from the UK government as a National Governing Body (NGB). Its principal responsibilities lie in the supervision and promotion of Taekwondo across the nation. Embracing an inclusive approach that welcomes all styles, such as ITF, Chang-hong, WT, and Independents, the council actively fosters unity within the diverse Taekwondo community. Through these efforts, cohesion and progress are ensured within our art.

Verified Members

We distinguish between two types of members: Full Members and Associated Members.

  • Full Members fully embrace all TCUK policies and obtain insurance through us.
  • Associated Members adhere to basic best practice guidelines and recognise us as the NGB (National Governing Body), to get support and guidance from when required.

We verify all membership numbers on a quarterly basis to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Full Members

Grandmaster Harrison Family

TKD Wales

Albyn and Beyond Association

Mansion Martial Arts

CDN TKD Academy

Indomitable TKD

Associated Members

United TaeKwonDo International Wales


Combined Self Defence



Malvern Martial Arts

Martial Art World

Independent TKD Schools